They're Your Rules, Break Them!

50 Ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create a high-performance culture.

'They're Your Rules, Break Them!' offers 50 innovative ways of looking at your business as a long-term, dynamic, progressive entity. Here you will find 50 ways to ditch the atrophying forces and create an exponentially achieving, high-performance culture in your organisation.

Disruption is everywhere. Rather than suffering its blows, what if you could institutionalise it into your business? What if, rather than being rigid and rule-bound, you could make your business 'ever changing' within?

Some rules help us, but some don't. Do you know which ones to ditch? And do you know how to create a high-performing, dynamic, learning culture that doesn't rely on blind bureaucracy?

Elon Musk did it with Tesla and Space-X. Pixar does it too. The Israel Defense Forces and US Navy SEALs have been doing it for decades, and their results have been astonishing.

In a world of exponential organisations, rule-bound dinosaurs will fall and fade. But you don't have to.

Estimated Retail Cost: R220

Is your thinking keeping you poor?

50 Ways the Rich Think Differently

Being rich is not normal: most people never achieve wealth in their lifetime. The very word ‘rich’ describes a state beyond the median, and therein lies an important lesson.

To become rich, you will have to think radically differently from the way most people around you think. Do you know what those specific differences may be? Business and wealth guru Douglas Kruger CSP strips away the feel-good hype and gets right down to the practical principles. He leads you through the types of thinking that hold individuals, families and businesses in generational cycles of poverty. He explores the dramatically different approaches of the self-made rich and super-rich, showing you which behaviours to begin practising and which behaviours are traitorous to your wealth potential. Escape poverty. Raise your value. Change the trajectory of your story. It all begins with the way you think.

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How to Make your Point Without Powerpoint

50 Ways to Present Effectively

Presenters are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas to get their message across, but mistakenly believe PowerPoint is the right medium to do so.

This often results in uninspiring presentations consisting of countless lacklustre slides which their audience are forced to sit through - sometimes at the expense of their own sanity.

In "How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint", renowned public speaker Douglas Kruger CSP aims to end the tedium of the PowerPoint medium. He offers 50 practical suggestions to enhance your presentation skills - including all kinds of formats you can use, different methods of delivery and some alternative visuals - so you and your team can trade in the slides and get brainstorming.

This book proves that it is possible to do an excellent job, even a superior one, without slides, by learning to truly engage and persuade. In this way, you will stand out every time and, as the presenter, have an entertaining time of it!

Estimated Retail Cost: R220

Relentlessly Relevant

50 Ways to Innovate.

Brace yourself … the rules of consumer engagement have changed.

Your customers no longer care about legacy – what matters to them is how you are innovating into their world today.

The classic 'solve a problem' approach that industry giants have always employed is no longer relevant. Consumers want switched-on, creative responses to their needs and desires.

In Relentlessly Relevant, business guru Douglas Kruger CSP explores the field of innovation, reducing its subject matter to the simple starting points you need to become an industry trendsetter. It pinpoints the levers within your own business crying out for innovation, as well as the areas you should leave alone at all costs, and it teaches you to change your traditional way of thinking, altering how you relate to your customers' immediate reality.

Using examples from local and international brands, this book shows you don’t have to be a tech giant to innovate, but you do need to know how to think in the right patterns. This is a business imperative. Innovators of today will own their industries tomorrow by constantly asking, 'How can we become relentlessly relevant?'

Estimated Retail Cost: R220

Own your industry

How to Position Yourself as an Expert.

Own Your Industry is a guide to what you can do to position yourself as the ‘go-to-name’ in your industry. Because when you are known as the expert, they will come to you. Learn to:

• Build an industry reputation
• Use media channels to reach your market
• Communicate complex ideas through memorable frameworks
• Structure your fee to define yourself as a valued veteran

This book explains how to develop a title, become a face and a voice in the minds of key industry players, and use simple but powerful positioning techniques to cut through the marketing clutter of your competitors. Become the answer to the question: ‘You know who you should talk to about that…?’

Estimated Retail Cost: R200

50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker

A Book by Douglas Kruger

‘A great guide from one of the best practitioners’ – Clem Sunter, former Chairman, Anglo American Corporation.

Public speaking can be key to success in business and in life. 50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker makes it easy. With 50 sure-fire techniques, multiple SA Champion Speaker, Douglas Kruger, shows you how to:

• Grab your audience’s attention
• Design your content to pass the ‘who cares?’ test
• Build climaxes into your speech
• Speak with purpose
• Be spontaneous
• Command your environment
• Speak to your audience ‘where they are at’
• Maintain total control over Q & A
• End on a professional note

Learn to connect with your audiences and they will give you their attention. Master these techniques, and you will be remembered.

Cost: R150

So you're in charge. Now what?

A Book by Douglas Kruger CSP & Tony Cross

You join an organisation. In time, you become an expert at what you do. You are promoted to senior expert. Then a gap opens up and you are appointed as a leader of others.

Congratulations! You are now in charge and that executive chair is yours. But being a leader is scary at times. You face new challenges every week, and unless you have around 10 000 hours of practice in leading others, you may struggle with some of the leadership burden you now carry…and that is why this book was written. It’s not a textbook. It isn’t an academic study or a biography either. Nope, this is an easy-to-understand, real-world guide to practical things you need to do to grow as a leader. It is written to assist anyone in any leadership position.

So You’re in Charge. Now What? Helps you focus on the 7 key leadership qualities and 52 specific ‘ways’ in which you can become a better leader. Build a career, advance into leadership, rise to the very top, or simply become a stronger person – this book is for you.

Learn how to:

• Build your personal brand
• Develop possibility thinking
• Manage your message, so that you really connect with people
• Avoid micro-managing at all costs
• Sell your ideas and proposals inside your organisation
• Put first things first
• Grow other leaders, so that you too grow further

Cost: R200

The Discipline difference

A Downloadable Audio MP3 by Douglas Kruger

About 80 orbits. That’s how long you’re likely to roam this blue and white marble, as it hurtles around the sun at 1 040mph. And you’ll carry something remarkable along with you for the ride; one-and-a-half kilograms of the folded grey tissue matter that scientists deem to be the single most complex substance yet found in the universe.

But it’s a lump of porridge with a discipline problem. With your dreams, goals, hopes and wants in the balance; with your business, your brand, your prosperity at play, what is the state of your THINKING right now? How disciplined are you?

Explore the immense power of Personal Discipline. Learn to use it more effectively. Allow Douglas Kruger, professional speaker, business author and 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking, to inspire you to recapture and own your 80 orbits.

Total Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes

How to become a professional speaker

A Downloadable Audio MP3 by Douglas Kruger

Professional speaking is a business, and in order to prosper, you should treat it as one. But while a great many courses teach presentation technique, there is precious little training available on the business end of being a full-time speaker. It's a high-income industry, but it's surprisingly low on ‘how-to.'

So how do you start and grow your full-time speaking career? How do you gain media publicity? How can you attract new clients and maximize your profits among existing clients? What's your next step in becoming a known and trusted brand in the correct market? What mistakes should you avoid, and what other promotional tools are available to you?

Professional speaker Douglas Kruger, author of 'Own Your Industry,' and '50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker', and 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking, shares the behind-the-scenes insights you need in order to start and build a lucrative speaking career.

Total Running Time: 120 minutes


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