Disruptive change, competitive advantage, thinking differently to out- perform your competitors.

What does Elon Musk know that the old dinosaurs don’t? What change in consumer behaviour threatens to make big brands redundant, while offering the opportunity for hungry innovators to out-pace them? How do leaders manage the necessary chaos of innovation without harming a brand? How did Ferrari create their own worst nightmare by failing to understand their own ‘awful’s’, and what can we learn from the inventor of the bikini?

Innovation isn’t a mystery. And it isn’t limited to high-tech companies, or to the marketing department. Everyone in your company can innovate, if they understand the governing principles, and if you promote the culture. Based on his book, published by Penguin, Douglas will guide your leaders in how to innovate in their immediate scenarios and in the market, working from the DNA of the brand outward. Be the brand that leads the way. Available as a keynote presentation or training workshop.

Keynote Presentation: R30 000
Three hour seminar option: R35 000

"Thank you so much for delivering beyond our expectations. The Dragon’s Den finalists have nothing but praise for you. You have really inspired, educated, coached and prepared our Innovators for their final pitches. You have contributed immensely to the general culture of Innovation at MultiChoice.You were instrumental in helping us change our COO's scepticism around Innovation. Thanks for helping us make it relevant to the business. We look forward to travelling this road further with you in the future."

- Charmaine Smith, GM, Strategy & Business Development, MultiChoice

About the Presentations

Every presentation is designed to meet specific criteria: Solve a business problem, increase your revenue, and thoroughly entertain your people. Expect a thought-provoking mix of high-impact principles, memorable stories and humour that drives home important ideas. Aside from being a business author, Douglas is a 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking. Boring is not in his vocabulary.