Full-scale programmes to unleash the potential within your organisation.

Douglas has worked with multinational mega-brands like ‘MultiChoice,’ conducting full-scale innovation searches. These programmes not only teach innovation methodology, but help to draw it from the staff, leading to practical ideas that can give your brand a competitive advantage, or save it money in operating costs. The ideas are there. Allow Douglas to assist you with unearthing them.

Although each programme is comprehensively tailored, the average cost for the full initiative is R550,000.00. This investment of half a million Rand regularly unearths cost-savings worth millions, in addition to ideas that can help you to dominate your industry. The cost also includes a cash-prize for the winner of the internal competition.

About the Presentations

Every presentation is designed to meet specific criteria: Solve a business problem, increase your revenue, and thoroughly entertain your people. Expect a thought-provoking mix of high-impact principles, memorable stories and humour that drives home important ideas. Aside from being a business author, Douglas is a 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking. Boring is not in his vocabulary.