‘The desire for rules and the need for innovation are, I believe, incompatible. Rules freeze companies inside a glacier; innovation lets them ride sleighs over it.’ – Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco and author of Maverick

Disruption is everywhere. Rather than suffering its blows, what if you could institutionalize it into your business? What if, rather than being rigid and rule-bound, you could make your business ‘ever changing’ within? Some rules help us, but some don’t. Do you know which to ditch? And do you know how to create a high-performance, dynamic, learning culture that doesn’t rely on blind bureaucracy?

Elon Musk did it with Tesla and Space-X. Pixar does it too. The Israeli Defense Force and US Navy SEALS have been doing it for decades, and their results have been astonishing.

In a world of Exponential Organisations, rule-bound dinosaurs will fall and fade. Your competition will not honour your internal divisions, nor respect your respect for ‘the way things have always been done.’

But you don’t have to suffer extinction by bureaucracy. They’re your rules. Break them! Douglas Kruger CSP helps you to see the opportunities to transform your business into a long-term, dynamic, progressive entity; to ditch the atrophying forces and create a high-performance culture. Welcome to the Star Trek version of your brand! .

Keynote Presentation: R30 000
Three hour seminar option: R35 000

About the Presentations

Every presentation is designed to meet specific criteria: Solve a business problem, increase your revenue, and thoroughly entertain your people. Expect a thought-provoking mix of high-impact principles, memorable stories and humour that drives home important ideas. Aside from being a business author, Douglas is a 5x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking. Boring is not in his vocabulary.