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    Douglas Kruger Author and Speaker
    When you want your organisation to thrive, when you want your brand to
    become iconic, when you insist on owning your industry, there is no
    alternative: Douglas Kruger helps you to position yourself so that the business
    comes to you. He is an internationally renowned speaker and business author
    who is passionate about growing brands, equipping sales teams and creating
    thought-leaders. Gain a competitive advantage by learning to innovate, to
    develop Talent, and to position yourself as a leading brand.
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    "Thank you for delivering beyond our expectations. You have
    contributed immensely to the general culture of Innovation at
    MultiChoice. You were instrumental in helping us change our
    COO’s skepticism around Innovation. Thanks for helping us make
    it relevant to the business. We look forward to travelling this
    road further with you in the future."

    - Charmaine Smith, GM, Strategy & Business Development,
    MultiChoice Africa
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    Douglas Kruger
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    Douglas Kruger
    Speakers Hall of Fame
    In recognition of excellence in the speaking industry,
    Douglas was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame
    by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa - 2016.
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    The working classes are taught
    One hour pushing a wheelbarrow means one coin.
    They equate hours worked to coins earned.
    And this one idea alone keeps them locked in generational cycles of poverty.


Let’s discuss the pursuit of excellence and the growth of your brand.

about douglas

When you insist on 'owning' your industry, there is no alternative: International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger helps you to build your brand, to out-pace your competitors through innovation, and to position yourself as an industry leader.

Douglas is the author of 6 business books, including the highly acclaimed 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' with Penguin Random House. A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management at companies like MultiChoice, BMW, Liberty and HP. In 2015, Liberty and MultiChoice booked him for their multi-city roadshows. Douglas’s results were so exceptional that in 2016, both organisations insisted on using him again.

What does he do differently? Douglas dismantles the self-imposed rules that can hamstring aspiring companies and shows you how to develop talent. He guides you away from the cultural norms that can kill innovation, and he is a committed crusader against victimhood-mentality.

Douglas’s thought-leadership ideas have been featured repeatedly on CNBC Africa and he has been published in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines. His newest book, ‘They’re Your Rules - Break Them!’ looks at how behemoth organisations can become more agile.

Douglas is a 5 x winner of the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking (a continental record), and in 2016, in recognition of his excellence in the speaking industry, the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa inducted him into their Speakers Hall of Fame.

When you need industry-leading ideas, backed by research and packaged with humour and charm, call on leading professional speaker Douglas Kruger. His aim is to bring life to your event and prosperity to your brand.

Proudly brought to you by

Douglas Kruger & Penguin Random House

Douglas is a published business author with Penguin Random House. His books include: 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert', 'Relentlessly Relevant - 50 Ways to Innovate', 'How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint', and 'Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? 50 Ways the Rich Think Differently'. Douglas's latest book is titled 'They're Your Rules, Break Them! 50 Ways to Smash Silos, Bust Bureaucracy and Create a High-Performance Culture'.

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what clients say

Douglas Kruger, professional speaker, author and trainer, has spoken at many organisations, managing minds and growing their potential. This is what some of those clients had to say.

deon nel

Provincial Head, Standard Bank Financial Consultancy

“Douglas held the audience riveted! Not only was his presentation highly entertaining, but the business message was sound. I would highly recommend him to any company interested in growing their sales”

Colin Browne

Editor: Sales Guru magazine

“My sources at Pam Golding tell me you were on fire the other day during your presentation!”

clem sunter

Chairman, Anglo American Chairman’s Fund

“Douglas has got all the qualities of a superb speaker: credibility, integrity, and obviously a very good presentation.”

Frans Hattingh

Divisional Manager, PPS

“Thank you for the enthusiasm and professionalism in which you facilitated the session with our Managers. This was a great experience for all of them and I continue to receive very positive feedback.”

Robynne Adams

General Manager, Clarins South Africa

"Once again thank you for your input with my speech. For me that was somewhat of a defining moment and like the foreword in one of your books, I am grateful for the time that you (the famous one here) so readily invested in me! Take care Doug."

reyaan uys

Chairman, Mensa pretoria

"Douglas taught Mensa a thing or two. Thanks once again for the talk, we are getting very positive feedback from our members on both the talk and your books!"

mosima nkosi

head of debt collection, SARS

“You were an absolute godsend! Your talk on Talent was exactly what we needed to start the day. I couldn’t have asked for better!”


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Douglas is a member of Toastmasters International and The Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.


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